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My Visit Continued....
I have been to the Synagogue. This is an experience that one cannot easily forget for several reasons.
Foremost. the throng of people. The misery in their faces, the expectation, the desperation. I am talking of a living mass of people, each one bent on being positioned where they think  they stand the best chance of being met by either one of the Wise men or the Prophet himself. Imagine the challenge this poses. Here, coming by invitation becomes so  invaluable. For the invitees, they get picked up by special  coaches at the airport. Air conditioned coaches.  By the way, Lagos is hot. Very humid, 28 with humidity at 78% and above is no joke, now imagine in Dublin, if it is 6°C  with humidity at 87% . Compare this to Ekaterinburg  at 62% humidity. In Ekaterinburg, the air is drier. It is less cold. But in Dublin, It is  really cold because humidity is higher. So it is in Lagos. Because the humidity is so high, it is so hot. This  is not what a regular Joe in Europe or elsewhere  can imagine. It is balmy. It is hot. Be prepared. Anyway enough of the intangibles.

I spoke of the throng of people. These are not people that are there for a party.  These are desperate people. Many have ailments lasting more than a decade. When one imagines that there is just this one life to live  Living a day in pain can be a challenge. now imagine passing 3650 days in pain. Say a cancerous wound. Any sickness at all. In that condition, anyone will be desperate.

Remember, these people in most cases have had  to find their way to the Synagogue sometimes by road from thousands of kilometres away. People come by road from  even as far away as Sudan , Ethiopia, Mali and the Gambia. Not to mention neighbouring countries like Ghana, Ivory Coast and the Cameroon. Then there are the south Africans, Kenyans, Malawian, etc.

These people come. One sharp desire. TO BE HEALED. Many have gone through hospitals and herbal homes, no peace, no cure. We are talking of thousands of people.  20, 30 thousands in any given service day.

I have been to the  Synagogue.
I went without invitation. I had to go without invitation as I couldn't wait for my application for an invitation to come through. I went. Landed in Lagos. The trip from the Airport to the Synagogue took 4 hours 35 minutes. Price NGN 5000. Distance should  be about 20 Kilometres. Imagine a a tram in that place, It will be like flying in a Jet from London to Birmingham. Circa 9/10 minutes.
Anyway I landed in Lagos. It was like landing in a foreign country. Motorbikes everywhere, like gnats. It was dusty. I sweat, the first real sweat since i left the continent decades ago, aside of the sweat that Sauna  coerces out of me at the gym.  But for the enormous stress in my life, the stress that brought me to Lagos, I might have relished the sweat.

Next comes the battle of where to stay. I haven't communicated with any acquittance in Lagos for ages. I was  not loaded with money either. Real situation. Real challenge. With the aid of the Police men at the Synagogue, some area boys introduced me to a hotel about 500 metres from the Synagogue. Price; NGN 3000. This I think would  the cheapest anyone can get in that area of the city.  I arrived on a Wednesday evening. Thursday happened to be my target. The prayer line on that Thursday   After spending about 6 months seeing video after video on, all I could think of was to get myself on the prayer line. I got a shock though as getting on the prayer line is strictly by invitation. Aside of emergency cases.   I was devastated. I wept. I really wept.

That Thursday. I woke up around 1.00am, Got to the church a few minutes later. All the morning I hustled and jostled from one group to another, trying my best possible to get myself registered for the prayer line at all cost. No luck. One very strange thing though. I have said earlier that I wasn't loaded. However people keep asking me for money. Women, not one, not 2. After a while I kind of smell them afar, before they get to me, I change position. I wasn't loaded. The money I drew out of the machine was disappearing fast. Still 6 days to spend in Lagos. About 4.00pm, I started back to the hotel. All hope of getting into the prayer line lost. And then...., and then...., as I got to the main auditorium area, I saw an unmanned door. I  didn't think, I went in directly.  Saw a group in a section. I went to them and took an empty seat. Barely 5 minutes later, Some ushers came and moved everyone there to another part of the auditorium, close to the prayer line area. We were there for about 10 minutes, and then they came for us again. Prayer line direct.  It was an eerie feeling of joy. I made it. I Michael. I made it. I am healed.

But there is a snag. I hadn't anything to show the Wise men as my trouble. Everyone has a piece of paper where their issue is written. I had only some literature with me. But I came prepared. I had a marker with me. So I hastily, privily wrote on the back cover of the literature what ails me. And then one of the ushers accosted me and asked me; what is written in that paper sir?  The ushers. I think they are all ETs anyway.  They sort of see through you. She chastised me to avoid causing confusion and that I should put it away otherwise....

I put away my paper and the laying of hands by the Wise men started. My man was Wise man Daniel. The first to get to me. He touched my chest. I meant he touched. But what happened to me in reality was like the force of a sledge hammer at a very close range. Some sound came out of me, forcibly when that hand hit me.
I fell like a log, Some ushers took me up, and again he touched me again and again it was the same force - sledge hammer blow. Down I went again. The ushers got me up again. The third touch was humanly, no more  falling sickness. And then all the other Wise men , beside Wise man Christopher touched me. No more falling like a log.

I went back to the hotel a new man.

There is one thing about the ministry though. One big albeit little appreciated for now. The saying goes that charity begins at home. Yes, More than charity begins at home really. The way this ministry is reconciling families, so too it is reconciling the differences between the adherents of the two dominant religions in Nigeria. Christianity and Islam.

The reconciliation comes through 2 different fronts. Both equally effective. Meaning, the Prophetic and Healing ministry as well as the Giving Ministry via Emmanuel TV.

The Prophetic and Healing ministry brings together  people from all the regions of Nigeria. No exception. The Hausa and the Ibos, the Yorubas and the Fulanis, etc. At the Synagogue, everyone is a brother and a sister to their neighbour  When they leave, the part of them that harbours mistrust is discarded. A Muslim who has gotten delivered from one affliction or the other, he/she is unlikely to burn, loot or kill a Christian living in his/her community afterwards. Neither will a Christian who has been to the Synagogue be inclined to burn, loot and kill a Muslim in his/her community sometime down the road.    It is awesome. And this is not unique to the Nigerian situation alone. It is now affecting the whole continent as a whole. South Africans, Ghanaian,  Malawians, Kenyans, Sudanese, Maliens, just name it. Everyone meets at the Synagogue. The fear, the myth, the angst each one has for the other is being replaced with something else borne of the fruit of camaraderie in the face of common challenges. Challenges that are being met. Effectively and efficiently dealt with at the Synagogue, either via prophesy, deliverance, reconciliation, healing, blessing, breakthrough, hope, fulfilment, or via the giving ministry. 

I have been to the Synagogue. Unlike people that stands far away, or should i say - unlike people that hide far away, behind the cloak of anonymity that the web guarantees, - people who stands far away and throws stones at the glass house. I have been there. What these people are saying are nothing but bollocks. Just bollocks.

Look. we talk of grace, yes, some people after visiting the Synagogue,  their health or financial situation goes through an instant and dramatic transformation. Yes, transformations that are beyond their expectation. However, some class of people  whose situation may transcend the need for instant transformation, whose need are better met when they participate actively with faith, may experience some lag. Yes,  what they want is fish, braisée. What is in stock for them is a pond. A fishing pond. But they have to build the pond. hatch the eggs, raise them, then harvest, not one but millions of fish. But because what they were looking for is a fish braisée. ready to go et la carte. It may take them a while to realize that they need to start fish farming.

This interlude may be a very trying time. I am going through one myself. So I know what it is like.

TBC. Continuation at

The Man in the Synagogue – Could this be the Christ?

It is said that He is anointed beyond modern understanding, word says: greater miracles than those of Jesus – inspiring different opinions about him, some call Him the younger brother of Jesus , others say he’s the Elijah of our Generation, still others say He is the continuation of Jesus Christ – But the common thread that runs through all these opinions is the reference to Him as a certain  unique being of celestial nature. But is there any truth in these claims?, are there enough proofs? who really is the man TB Joshua?
Truth be told, Nobody can authoritatively describe how TB Joshua’s journey on earth began or how it will end, neither can any human being actually comprehend TB Joshua’s autobiography or his mission on earth because he is not an ordinary human being, by one account (late Prophet Dr. Samuel Akin Adewole’s account); He was one of the oldest Angels in Heaven that God loves so much, has been in the world over 2000 years ago in the spirit, and has seized the powers of all witches and wizards and other wicked ones spiritually before his special missionary work”. (“The last days messiah and Nigeria’s Future” published 1996); (more to come about him in later posts)..
This would explain the unrivaled supernatural powers possessed by this man, and as strange as TB Joshua being a celestial being sounds, It wouldn’t be the first time, throughout bible history, celestial beings have made appearances on earth In human forms at different times, to Abraham and Sarah, to manoah and his wife (samsons parents) to mention but a few, but if TB Joshua really is a celestial being, is there any scriptural support for his coming or mission on earth? Well, after looking intently through the holy scriptures, the best description depicting the personality of TB Joshua as a celestial being is the Fifth Angel whose coming to earth was predicted in revelation.
In the book of Revelation 20, the Revelation according to John heralded the coming ofan Angel from Heaven having the Key to the bottomless pit and a Great Chain in his hand.
The Angel according to Revelation 20 laid hold of the dragon, that serpent of old, which is the devil and Satan and bound him for a thousand years; and cast him into the bottomless pit and shut him up and set a seal on him so that he should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished.
Now Just as the evil spirits bore true witness of Jesus’s true spirit nature as God’s begotten son, it has also been said by unclean spirits during deliverances at Scoan that TB Joshua moves around in the spiritual realm with a Great Long chain in his hand with which he disrupts demonic meetings, they flee on seeing him while some are eventually arrested and come under the restrictions of his spiritual chain.
All these accounts suggest that the celestial being with a Great Chain in his hand prophesied in revelation 20 is fulfilled in the person of TB Joshua.
I can almost hear, what the heck are these people talking about, don’t worry, it would piece together in a moment.
The question that easily arises here is; how can you before say TB Joshua is the messiah  and now talk about him being a celestial being? There’s no reason to get confused,  let the reader understand, the “messiah” is the divinely given title of the celestial being sent to earth once every 2000 years  with a divine mandate to save humanity, Jesus was one as he appeared over 2000 years ago working signs never seen in isreal. TB Joshua then appears 2000 years later working signs never seen on earth,  but TB Joshua is not Jesus in the physical sense, but is also a “Christ”  (in Hebrew parallel “messiah”) Just as Jesus was the “Christ”,  because Just as God sent Jesus (who was with him before in heaven) to earth to die for mankind and redeem man’s soul,  soGod sent TB Joshua (who was with him before In heaven) to earth to save it – to bound Satan and throw him into the bottomless pit, shutting him up and setting a seal on him.
This is the work of God; to believe TB Joshua whom he has sent
This is the work of God; to believe TB Joshua whom he has sent
It therefore should be of no suprise that the last days messiah bears the name “Joshua” which is the Hebrew equivalent of the divinely given personal name “Jesus”, both meaning: “God is salvation” portraying their divine mandate.
 Furthermore, TB Joshua stands as an embodiment of three Great biblical mysteries;
  • He goes on before the LORD in the spirit of and power of Jesus, just as John went on before the LORD in the spirit and power of Elijah –
  • He wears the mantle of Jesus on the earth, just as Elisha wore Elijah’s mantle, (this inadvertently makes his coming the fufillment of the awaited messiah’s return, if you’re willing to accept it).
  • And of the third mystery you can also be sure – that just as the Joshua of old (on wearing Moses mantle) was the one who led the isrealites to the promised land; the Joshua of today (on wearing Jesus mantle), is the one to lead believers to the promised Kingdom above. He who has ears let him hear.
 They both had glory with the Father before the world was. These are inclusive of the sons of God which the Bible tells of in Job that presented themselves before the LORD. Job 2:1 though people believe Jesus was the only son of God, this is untrue – He was the “only begotten son”. We’ll save the details of that for later.
The miniature version of his Great Chain for Chaining Satan in the bottomless pit is the spiritual chain you observe (can’t be seen with the ordinary eye) on the hands and legs of the demon possessed in SCOAN sometime ago which forced them to crawl on their buttocks to the toilet and bathrooms for a week till the day of their deliverance.
TB Joshua also explained what happens when he exorcises a demon which clearly confirms what is inferred above.
TB Joshua explained that when he exorcises a demon, the demon is CHAINED HANDS and LEGS and is thrown into hell awaiting judgment. (please note that this role can only be performed by the angel with the key to the bottomless pit and a Great Chain in His Hand working with TB Joshua) in other words, the demon is sent into the place prepared for the devil and his angels. Hell which is also called “Gahena” (in Greek) and has no chance of returning to the world, neither can he repossess his former host or any other person because he’s been shut up in hell and a seal set a on him. Revelation 20
 This is in stark contrast to the exorcism done by many other ministers, of which an evil spirit revealed that they are indeed cast out during the deliverance sessions by Great ministers, only to wait outside the scene of the deliverance to regain possession of their hosts, because the lot of these ministers work with lesser angels, like the one held for 21 days by demons when he was sent to Daniel, till he was released by a mightier angel. Their deliverance process follows this template;
 ”when an evil spirit goes out of a man, he goes through dry places, seeking rest and finding none, he says, I will return to my house from which I came when he comes he finds it swept and put in order then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself and they enter and dwell there and the last state of that man is worse than the first” Luke 11 24.
In stark contrast to TB Joshua’s above. The process of Bounding Satan for a thousand years is already in progress if you’re willing to accept it, though spiritually TB Joshua has already seized all the powers of the evil one, but one would be quite naïve to think  it would all happen in an instant physically, rather week after week, day after day in SCOAN thorough deliverances are regular occurrences in fulfillment of a major part of his mission on the earth. To be continued…

TB Joshua’s TOP-SECRET prophecy EXPOSED!!!

We will right now go beyond the confines of the regular prophecy
TB Joshua- the synagogue of all nations
TB Joshua- the synagogue of all nations
confirmations relayed on Emmanuel TV, to confirm quite an unnoticed and unusual prophecy. It is an obvious fact that the SCOAN withdraws from confirming prophetic messages of this nature, still that doesn’t mean they are any less worthy of the mention and attention given to the earth shaking events which occur in fulfillment of TB Joshua’s prophetic messages (in our opinion). And before we are prophetically ushered by TB Joshua into the long list of future events to occur in the year 2013 as is usual of him, we deem it necessary to reflect on the fulfillment of a prophecy made rather explicitly as the doors of time opened to the year 2012.
Those who entered into the outgoing year (2012) with a glimpse into its future events from TB Joshua’s prophetic messages will recall Him explicitly declaring the year one of comeback, further stating that Ministers of the Gospel and worshipers who worships God in a defective way would face greater challenges in the year. The prophecy was as brief as it was exact, below is the video;
Looking intently into his prophetic words he was specifically referring to acclaimed ministers when he said; “we often say the spirit of God says this; the spirit of God says that, whereas the spirit of God is not talking to you” he here emphasizes how acclaimed spokesmen of God prophesy the imaginations of their own minds and not the communiqué of God’s Holy Spirit.
He further states that such worship and worshippers would face CHALLENGES in the year. Take note of the word in quote; “CHALLENGES”.
Following this precise prophetic utterance, and unarguably true to his prophetic foresight an unprecedented wave ofCHALLENGES blew across the circle of mega ministers of the Gospel around the world, and especially those who were rooted in Nigeria’s religiously rich soil. We herewith present the GREATER CHALLENGES faced by a selected few ministers (truth is the list was endless) all in the year 2012 as prophesied by TB Joshua.
  • A HOT SLAP landed on the cheek of a teenager to facilitate an exorcism years ago RESURFACED in a video to land the minister in a 2 Billion Naira Lawsuit.
  • Oyedepo won the lawsuit after which the case was forwarded to the Court of appeal where it still stands pending.
  • Okotie’s Four year Marriage with his wife Stephanie  suffered a wrecking Divorce in the year 2012
  • After vehemently declaring that The LORD said he would be president in 2003 and 2007, finally saying his time had come in 2011, The acclaimed Reverend Okotie scored ZERO PERCENT in the presidential polls which later led to his party FRESH Democratic Party being disbanded the year 2012 for failing to get even up to one percent vote in any state in Nigeria.
  • Okotie was dragged to court in the year 2012 by an instrumentalist in His Church for ill-treatment.
  • Lady confessed to having performed three abortions for reverend okotie and currently has a child for him which church members rumored bore uncanny resemblance to the reverend.
  • In the year 2012, pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Battled with a SERIOUS ILLNESS an excerpt reads;
Those in the know claimed that the televangelist is battling an ailment which nobody can define particularly, though some people in his fold say it is diabetes. According to one of the church members, the pastor, for some time had been elusive, with nobody except his close aides and top church members…Those close to the church claimed that many members didn’t know the type of ailment Ashimolowo is suffering from because it was shrouded in topmost secrecy. But further probing revealed that the man is allegedly suffering from diabetes. Click for the full story.

  • In the same year 2012, Pastor Ashimolowo was also dragged to court for allegedly stealing 65 Acres of Land. The news article described him as being “embroiled in a new conflict” an excerpt from the report reads: “He (Pastor Ashimolowo) has been dragged before Justice Akinyemi of Abeokuta High Court back home, for allegedly stealing 65 acres of land belonging to Taiwo Ijaosan and Olosunde families”. Click for the full report
many other ministers faced serious challenges in the year 2012 as prophesied by TB Joshua, this is just a short list as time would permit us here, other examples include (click on the links below)
…and many others.
If only they had returned in humility, and COMEBACK to worship God in Spirit and truth, perhaps they would have saved themselves these troubles that have tarnished their hard earned reputations. but it isn’t uncommon of them to pay deaf ear’s when God Speaks. whatever the case, In a few hours from now, TB Joshua would be prophetically ushering His people into the year 2013, and as a matter of fact we can’t wait to hear what the incoming year holds for His people and the world at large. One thing is sure, these are troubled times, but we know His people would be kept in the incoming year from the malice of the power of darkness.

The State of African Christianity – Review

I have just come across this article l would like you to read.
T.B. Joshua is undoubtedly one of the greatest prophets in this century. He is anointed with a peculiar prophetic anointing that has attracted a lot of envy from all quarters.
There is a particular group of workers who also worked under him for a few months and couldn’t stand the rigours of life in the Synagogue who have now turned their backs on the prophet with all manner of insults and insinuations. First, practices of deliverance has come under condemnation and likened to Jerry Springer. What surprises me is that some of these critics refuse to see the antecedents which could be found in the bible. Whether it occurred once or twice in the bible is irrelevant. We all know what happened when Jesus, the Christ confronted the mad man with many demons and when asked by Jesus how many demons he had, he retorted by saying many (legion). The mad man begged Jesus to cast the demons into a flock of swine nearby.
What is therefore wrong by asking demons who have occupied the human temples questions? Questions are necessary to know how they entered in order to seal all the avenues they used to enter the said person. Viewers of Emmanuel TV would realise that the confession of the demons through the person they occupy are true. Thus, spiritual things manifests in the physical. A lot of lessons could be learnt from this. This kind of deliverance is not peculiar to Africa but practised worldwide. The famous deliverance minister of blessed memory, Lester Summrall practised it in his deliverance conventions and crusades around the globe.
T.B. Joshua needs not to worry himself about this emotionally disturbed critic because Christ himself came under heavy attack from these kinds of people.  Read More

TB Joshua’s deliverances, the Uncut Truth

 Al-right then, go and disgrace yourself if you like, but don’t say I didn’t warn you; I repeat for the last time, don’t go to synagogue, forget TB Joshua’s emmanuel TV I tell you, no, we tell you (cos we’re many) and to hell with those wise men, don’t you have eyes? – don’t you see they have no respect for people at all?, can’t you see how they show off those they deliver there when they disgrace and embarrass themselves after they are touched? They start saying they’re fish, snake and other unclean animals? Is that what you want to happen to you? Remember you’re a popular person, and even a very notable person, the head of a company for Christ’s sake, people will easily recognise you, your employees will definitely make a mockery of you and enjoy a spectacular show of your deliverance….” the voice continued in his heart as he watched a wicked spiritual wife manifesting through the body of a man on emmanuel TV;  the same affliction he secretly suffered, night after night, a strange woman kept having carnal knowledge of him in his dreams and as a result nothing good in his life remained, his marriage was on the verge of collapse as there was no longer any affection between him and his wife as it used to be, even as a company’s chairman, he was always in debt  and help was not forthcoming, yet after this silent voice whispered of “shame” to his heart, he succumbed and remained in his place, refusing to go there for deliverance, though knowing he needed it, still wouldn’t seek it there but continued in vain praying secretly in his closet, refusing to visit the SCOAN, For the Right Hand of God that would have disconnected him from the spiritual wife in a touch and restore him to the original position he was created. With this same voice Satan has stopped many many busy elites of this generation from going to SCOAN for their deliverance, and this voice just got the back up of scripture (so it seems) of recent on TB Joshua watch.
To them at TB Joshuawatch, quoting Mark 5:1-20, alongside Mark 9: 14- 29 and using two exorcisms performed by Jesus as case study in comparison to TB Joshua’s, They stated that the crowds in Jesus case witnessed the change in the demoniac man, but were not permitted to see the deliverance itself. Oh Really?  We didn’t think they were serious till they went on again, this time quoting Mark 9: 14- 29 and explaining thus; …”When Jesus notices a crowd running to the scene, he so quickly and instantly rebukes the demon and sets the boy free… Again, Jesus is careful not to make a spectacle of this poor boy’s condition. Are these guys serious with this? OK, let’s ask you a question, TB Joshuawatch, if you care to answer FROM THE SAME TEXT YOU QUOTED;
Do you know what results when “a CROWD RUSHES to a scene? The NKJV puts the same scripture it in a better rendering, “When Jesus saw that PEOPLE CAME RUNNING TOGETHER he rebuked the evil spirit. Mark 9:25.
Well if you don’t have the logic to figure it (obviously), we’ll give you the answer, and from the scripture too as added bonus;
“…an innumerable multitude of people had gathered together, so THAT THEY TRAMPLED ONE ANOTHER” Luke 12:1.
This was clearly what Jesus was trying to prevent. Thus, this text along with the others they quoted shows that Jesus quick deliverance of the boy in question had NOTHING to do with “NOT allowing the crowd to witness it”.
When he left the scene in MATT 7:18, was there also a demoniac in question whose SUPPOSED dignity he wanted to preserve? Matthew 7: 18 “..and when Jesus saw GREAT MULTITUDES about him, He gave command to DEPART to the other side”.
All these texts prove that Jesus was simply facing the problem of “CROWD CONTROL” because as it were, PEOPLE were already VERY MANY at the scene and more crowds than he could handle RUSHING to the scene could result in casualties of which he could even be one being the one being thronged from every side. “…as Jesus was on his way, the CROWDS ALMOST CRUSHED HIM”. LUKE 8:42.  And this may have been the case if he hadn’t sped up the deliverance process of the boy, while at other times he managed to stay safe in a boat on the sea while the MULTITUDES stood on the shore (better CROWD CONTROL) Matt 13:1-2.

Crowd Control has always been a major problem for the worlds greatest legends when in contact with the public. The case of Jesus was no different.
photo credit: (
If Jesus didn’t want the MULTITUDE to witness his spectacular deliverance’s, he would have just sent them away as he did on many occasions, for example, here “…then Jesus SENT the MULTITUDE away and went into the house”, Matt 13: 36, or here “…while HE SENT the MULTITUDE AWAY”  MATT 14: 22… And so on.
We would’ve thought such a gross misrepresentation of scripture as a mere faulty logic on their part, but its clearly demonic in its capacity to mislead, don’t be deceived, the ideology of scriptural deliverance done discreetly or privately falls nothing short of the doctrine of demons – as it is a doctrine that allows for the proverbial placing of a light under a basket that none may see it. You who know you need deliverance today, wasn’t it other people’s case you witnessed to come to that realization?, or at least made your conviction of your need stronger? Why then should others not come to the same realization through your case? The church is instructed not to show favouritism  whoever you may be, whether a king, president or a poor man.  If Jesus subscribed to the ideology of not allowing the crowds to witness his deliverances why did he KEEP DOING THEM BEFORE MULTITUDES?
Luke 11: 14 and as he was casting out a demon, it was mute. So it was when the demon had gone out, the mute spoke and the MULTITUDES marvelled   Jesus did this deliverance before a multitude, if he really didn’t want to display it, Why BEFORE A MULTITUDE?, so much so that in the later part a voice was heard from the CROWD Luke 11: 27. “Luke 12: 17… And all the MULTITUDES rejoiced for the glorious things that were done by him. How could THE MULTITUDE rejoice if they NEVER witnessed for themselves? Although he had done so many signs BEFORE THEM, they did not believe… John 12: 36. Jesus himself said to then UNLESS YOU PEOPLE SEE… you would not believe.  Note that all emphasis is on letting people, Multitudes and crowds see that what he’s doing is done through God.
Secondly, That the people inevitably embarrass themselves on TV, much to the delight of the audience who are not sure whether to be amused or disgusted is blatantly untrue.
If there’s anything to be expected from the audience in the synagogue, its happiness for those who are being delivered, and soberness for themselves if they haven’t gone through the same, especially when they know they suffer the same calamities the person in question (being delivered) suffered. Even to strengthen their soberness are TB Joshua’s constant words; that everyone needs deliverance, and everyone (except those who aren’t tired of their problems yet) wishes now to be delivered in the same manner. You should see the way they all clamour for the same touch, continually visiting till they go through the same deliverance experience that would prove their redemption a fact, and reality.
Finally, Referring to Emmanuel tv that it turns sick individuals into mini internet sensations after being delivered in an undignified way, having a youtube video put out about their addiction to sniffing faeces, eating foam matresses, bedwetting or drinking kerosene might be a crude way of putting it but Yes! So be it. LET THE WORLD SEE, HEAR AND REJOICE, rejoice for the glorious things that are done by him. Luke 12:17.  No one lights a candle and puts it under a basket but on a lamp stand and it gives light to all in the house. Luke 5:15.  TB Joshua is the light of today’s world and emmanuel TV is the lamp stand and gives that light to all the inhabitants of the earth. Let it remain so LORD. Amen!


Prophet T.B. Joshua of The Synagogue Church Of All Nations is known for his many prophecies on almost every aspect of life. Not a few will forget in a hurry his predictions on football matches involving the Super Eagles as many of such predictions have come to pass.
But what most people might not know is that the highly misunderstood Prophet has been a solid pillar behind the national team currently competing at the ongoing African Cup of Nations.
A Nigeria Football Federation top brass and Coordinator of the Super Eagles, Emmanuel Attah was full of praise for Prophet T.B. Joshua for what he described as “his wonderful role in the 2-1 defeat of Ivory Coast”.
It was learnt that shortly after the encounter, Attah sent out sms to The “Synagogue Man of God” thanking him for standing solidly behind the Eagles in the game against Ivory Coast. “We’re very appreciative of him. He was wonderful and we can’t thank him enough,” an excited Attah said.
“T.B. Joshua was fervent in his prayers for the team. We did all that he asked us to do, starting from a day before the game. This is a special victory for the team and the nation and we cannot thank
God enough,” he added.

‘TB Joshua Proposed To Me 45 Minutes After We Met’ – Wife Opens Up

Prophet TB Joshua’s wife of 23 years, Evelyn Joshua, granted a rare interview toThe Spectator and talked about how she
TB Joshua's wife; evelyn Joshua
TB Joshua’s wife; evelyn Joshua
met and married TB Joshua at the age of 17 in 1990 and her role in his ministry.
I visited a sister somewhere at Ikotun-Egbe and they were all talking about a particular man, a prophet. Half of the people in the room had all met him and they were saying a lot of good things about him. After everything, I asked my sister if she could take me to him. I needed a spiritual guide at the time. A counselor. So we went there but unfortunately Before this time, the idea I had about this prophet was that he was an old man, with a long white beard. So on that day I was reading a novel that I came with when I suddenly saw someone come into the room, pick one or two things and went back. The person I saw wasn’t an old man so I didn’t pay him any attention. But when he went back to the consulting room, one of the people also waiting to speak with him said ‘that’s him’.
When it was eventually my turn to see him, we sat opposite each other. He was gazing at me for a few minutes, and I was also gazing at him. Transfixed as I was, I saw him write something on a piece of paper, ‘Ejide’ (means twin has come). I’m a twin.
Then we started talking and he told a lot of things about myself, both things I knew and the ones I didn’t know. He told me about my family, about my past, about my future. Altogether we spoke for about forty five minutes. At the end of the whole thing he spoke to me in Yoruba. He said (translated in English) Please don’t be annoyed. Don’t think this is how I talk to everyone that comes to me. I don’t have a concubine and I don’t want to have a concubine. But will you marry me?
Just like that. It was strange, but that gives me an insight into what the scripture says that the spirit testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. That was how I met him. When he proposed to me my heart agreed with it instantly. Some months later I asked him why he thought it was right seeing a lady for the first time and proposing to her. He said he had seen me four days before that day. I don’t know if it was in a dream or a revelation. We had our traditional and church wedding a few months later. didn’t meet him at home. Some months later I visited him again alone, that was in 1990.


Whilst entering into the New Year with high hopes and expectations, it isn’t unusual to for world-renowned ministers to annually deliver prophecies of what the year holds as communicators between material and immaterial worlds, and we had as many predictions as the thousands of ministers in the world about what the new year holds, we heard myriads of them heralding an enjoyment soon to come in form of an economic boom, many talking about prosperity, others talking about how this year speaks a better word of promise than the previous year, the problem remains that the lot of these prophecies came from lips which have never been tested and proven to be infallibly accurate, with no antecedent of accurate world prophecies culminating to prove divine endorsement. It was really starting to seem needless to have these men always prophesying the imaginations of their minds until the arrival of TB Joshua. If you ask us whose words are worthy of being held as being the very words of God, we’ll have you know that we have no other recommendation. While the bulk of these soothsayers in the guise of pastors kept talking about things good tidings without any instructions that would bring that dream to fulfillment, we have TB Joshua explicitly stating the things that are to be done and what the results would be thereof, you can quote him, take him at his word, let him declare for you; here are his words of which you’ll definitely find that which relates to your situation, notice the preciseness of his prophecy which he received after a three-day trance in the prayer mountain.
Prophecies For Individuals In 2013 – Prophet T.B. Joshua
Let me give you six out of many.
The prophecies for nations, continents and for those at the helm of affairs shall be announced during the next Sunday Service.
1. A year of surprises – I am seeing many great, famous, popular and rich men and politicians will become helpless and in need of help in matters of sickness, disease, finances, death, etc. One of the causes: They have failed to reward those who helped them to succeed. This is the year of judgment, especially for politicians who use youth to support their political ambitions without reward after winning power. Tell your neighbor: Reward those who help you succeed now.
2. Those in the foodstuff business will have a field day this year. Farming and agriculture will be the order of the day and will help greatly to be the source of solution this year. People engaged in it will be greatly blessed.
3. Those anxious about God and who hate sin – the faithful – your prayers for many years are not lost. This year, there will be instant answers to your prayers, especially those who have been seeking for the fruit of the womb. The long-time barren will become mothers of many babies this New Year.
4. Natural disasters will be many this New Year, such as motor accidents, sea sickness and air disasters. Let us move to God. With God, all things are possible.
5. Stop praying against those who hurt you. This year, you will see clearly that God is God of vengeance. Instead, you should pray for them.
6. Do charity work – feed the poor and the needy and give scholarships to those who deserve them. This year, there is great reward in doing this if you do it with all your heart. No matter how little, share it with others. Share their pain and share their joy.
7. Our youth who think always of travelling should use the money to go into agriculture or foodstuff business because in the New Year, God will bless them. They will achieve greatness by transacting in agriculture and foodstuff and become successful in export and import business. The money I am talking about could be in the region of N100,000, N200,000, N250,000 ($1,000, $1,500, $2,000).
Those who have been working for many years and have never been satisfied with the job and salary they receive, the little limited resources at their disposal should be invested in foodstuff business or agriculture, especially those already married. They should divide themselves in such a way that either the husband or wife should step down from service where they receive salary and face agriculture.
Foodstuff business and agriculture or farming are anointed businesses this New Year, to revive the world from economic depression. This is the secret of God revealed to you today. Quote me; you will not regret doing it. My name is T.B. Joshua.

“OUR FATHER, TB JOSHUA!” – decrees Malawian High king

Malawian King, HRM Williard Mswati Gomani The 5TH is a first class King in the Nation of Malawi, News of his ascent to the throne was relayed worldwide by various international news outlets like CNN, some would think that men of such status would have little or no use of Prophets until he was seen live in the SCOAN Sunday service, His mission in Nigeria was to consult the able Man of God on a very pressing matter, one that meant his very reign as a High King of Malawi was under threat.

Malawian King, HRM Williard Mswati Gomani The 5th
This visit of the Malawian king to TB Joshua in public glare seems to have been prompted only by his quest for the recovery his lost crown of great kingly significance, which of course if you’re a viewer of emmanuel tv, you know how the story goes – the king’s crown got missing during his coronation, the King then visits Scoan to locate the missing crown, and during that time TB Joshua prophesies that the missing crown would be recovered – even after three months of futile search for it. Then the crown is miraculously discovered on the corridor of the palace after TB Joshua’s prophecy (where an object could hardly stay a minute without being noticed) click here for the full story.  The touching part of this event was seen during the King’s testimony and vote of thanks at the SCOAN in which he referred to TB Joshua as “OUR FATHER”,  the word  of a King differs from that of common men, and as such is a decree, much like how King Nebuchadnezzar decreed the God of Daniel as their state GodSo for those who still think TB Joshua bribes his way to the lips of the testifiers at SCOAN, you would do well to explain to us how much of a possibility lies in leaders of this caliber being bought to lying about the spiritual graces of TB Joshua (of which they’ve enjoyed), before their total subjects and the world at large.
While this may seem to be yet another miraculous fulfillment of TB Joshua’s prophetic words to many, looking at the bigger picture, the historical encounter between TB Joshua and the Malawian High King in addition to TB Joshua’s encounter with other leaders of nations of his caliber, is one that easily reminds us of the scriptural relationship between the “prophets” and the “kings” in the Old testament which has ultimately fizzled out to this present generation where prophets have been relegated to the back seat in the society, and are completely left out of the most far-reaching decisions taken by each Nation and as a consequence landed the nations of the world in severe economic crisis.
Though to many Christians today, the great days of the prophets who conquered kingdoms and led God’s people to victory, is no more than an interesting literature record of past events, as we now live in an age where the dictates of a prophet are  only regarded by the common men, and treated with levity by those in positions of authority, whereas  In the days of Elijah, Elisha, Samuel etc. the kings were the ones who desperately sought out the prophets when in dilemma, (even while having a squad of special advisers on the matter) and humbly submitted themselves to the prophet’s instruction to be saved when in crisis, to be victorious during war, to be healed when in sickness, and even for the appointment of successors to the kings throne following his demise.

TB Joshua – the Child of Prophecy – the One whom the Supreme Being assigned to cleanse the world and lives to restore the Lost glory of the Prophets
 The recurrence of this sort of divine order where presidents and kings are submissive to the Prophets in today’s civilized world would be generally regarded by even Christians to be a mere pipe dream, but now appears to be a reality that is much closer than we think with the reign ofthe last days messiah, the man in the synagogue, the child of prophecy who lives to restore spiritual balance to an unbalanced world. An unbalanced world where prophets and pastors have become political instruments, and pawns in the hands of the high and mighty, to speak and do their bidding as long as it places currency in their pockets.
Instances of the SCOAN playing host to the likes of the Malawian High King are not at all rare but a very common occurrence in TB Joshua’s synagogue and the purpose of their visits includes salvation of their souls, spiritual fortification, and (God knows) foretelling of what the future holds for their political ambition and what could be done in its regard. But the rate at which these leaders, government officials, presidents, kings and the likes visit TB Joshua in His synagogue is beginning to send overwhelming signals across the globe for those who are sensitive enough to realize what is in the making, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the time came when he becomes the one who appoints them and denounces others who aren’t God’s choice in the same manner of appointment of the ancient kings by the prophets in biblical times.
 If you think this would be too great a feat for TB Joshua to achieve, it would interest you to consider how the Zimbabwean political party officials of ZANU PF stepped up their campaign against TB Joshua after the state media claimed that prime minister, Morgan Tsvangirai had invited TB Joshua to officiate at the Zimbabwe National day of prayer on May 25. President Robert Mugabe’s allies reportedly feared that TB Joshua would use the visit to anoint Tsvangirai as the new head of state and to counter that effect they began casting aspersions on TB Joshua.

President Robert Mugabe’s allies reportedly feared that TB Joshua would use his visit to Zimbabwe to anoint Tsvangirai as the new head of state in Mugabe’s stead
His fears aroused widespread discussions amongst the citizens of his country, even amongst pastors some of whom emphasized that TB Joshua had no authority to install a president in their nation, a Zimbabwean Anglican bishop Nolbert Kunolga who expressed similar fears was quoted to have said
TB Joshua’s visit does not scare me because he is not of God. What are people scared of? What is he coming for? Does he have the power to take life?  He is not a KINGMAKER, all authority belongs to God.
And like the wise would agree, no one fears an event that has no chance of occurring. When the fear of an event exists, the possibility of its occurrence also exists.
And while we look forward to these future events, consider carefully that this isn’t a feat to be accomplished by a mere prophet, but a messiah, one who was appointed by the Great God Himself to restore the Lost glory of the prophets, to lead them out of the closet of being mere instruments in the hands of politicians, the high and mighty in society. He is God’s spokesman, the divinely ordained prophet who announces the exact will of God to the people and as it were, the messiah of this blessed generation. If you still  insist he’s just a mere prophet, we also couldn’t agree more on that with you, considering that even Jesus himself was a prophet (Matt 13:57, 21:11, Luke 13: 33).
It is true his works so far on earth are regarded as great but greater works are still to be wrought by his hands, such that would astonish all mankind.  The Sovereign God is presently using Him to cleanse the whole world of which we are all witnesses but two parts of his mission are still to come, which is to harvest and judge the whole world just as it is written of him and to know in what capacity he would be doing this watch out for subsequent posts…

TB Joshua on trial for “stolen literature”

Though that was well before the start of this blog, we’ve explained long before now on TB Joshua watch that the words of TB Joshua would be greatly revered for Generations to come as the sacred writings of the last day’s messiah.

The words and sacred writings of true past prophets were re-echoed by the present ones throughout history
This we heralded not forgetting to trust Satan to live up to his reputation as the accuser of the brethren, he has not changed and he makes his very presence known on tbjoshuawatch even by accusing the Child of prophecy, the Savior of the World, the last days messiah - the man in the synagogue, a trend worthy of note in their affronts is how these accusations are always leveled against him when it comes to works of wonder that tend to defy the logic of their imagination. For instance, when we praise God for his miracles they accuse him of stage management,  When we praise God for his disciples, they accuse him of en slaving people, when we praise God for His charitable deeds they accuse Him of being open about it, when we praise God for His world prophecies, they accuse him of predicting through chance, when we praise God for His personal prophecies they accuse him of being fed with the information, and more recently now, for our praise to God for His divine messages they accuse Him of plagiarism… What should a man do whose accusations are without end? – at this rate, the man in the synagogue would be standing on trial even long after his departure, and what is their ground for this allegation? finding the source of some of TB Joshua’s oldest “words of wisdom” as originated from several American evangelists they take strict offense as though he claimed to be the initiator which He never did.  Yet – the message they’ve communicated is quite simple – any pastor you hear from hence speaking words you’ve before heard from another pastor or read in a Christian book (without stated reference) must be charged shamelessly guilty of plagiarism in their opinion, though they never stipulated a proper sentence for the guilty, that would thus fill up the measure of sin of their predecessors – the pharisees.
Let readers be on their guard against such “thoughts” because they spring from

Jesus also quoted from the prophets who came before Him, I guess we should charge him too for plagiarism
the tempters will, they have so easily forgotten that Jesus himself quoted a myriad of “sayings” of the prophets who came before Him in his teachings, and today Christian faithful’s worldwide hold those words in highest regard, not because they were spoken by those prophets but because Jesus also legitimized them as being the inspired words of God being greater than them all.
These little known evangelists from whom they claimed TB Joshua sourced some of his oldest quotes perhaps did no more than teach the bible with these “sayings“, – They may have only taught them and remained obscure, but TB Joshua continued from there by proving them, living by them and making them work. Lending enormous credence to their words as divinely inspired. Where they stopped marked his starting point of which he now stands accused, now coming on to judge his humble beginnings in learning off of his distant colleagues in ministry as “fraudulent” is unarguably preposterous. such a foul judgment can only come from  minds who are less concerned about the advancement of God’s kingdom and more concerned by who takes the Glory and Credit for words spoken by the Holy Ghost – When there’s absolutely no reason for anyone giving or taking credit, because words spoken by the Holy Ghost don’t take the credit. As Apostle Paul said: neither he who plants nor waters is anything but God who makes it growIf at all TB Joshua’s name comes under the quotes you’ve mentioned above or is attributed to him, it does not portray him taking the credit, but is done in the sense of him authenticating that word as authored by the Holy Ghost giving the legitimacy of God’s messiah.
 Check out their alleged list of plagiarized sayings and clearly notice that the lot of these so-called “plagiarized quotes” are the ones he started with in His ministry, from which he has now matured into the deepest level quotes we hear from his lips today. No one builds something on nothing. These can be regarded as the “sayings” which became the fountain stone of his life and ministry.
Even the stable from which Jesus started his earthly journey was not owned by him, but he did not stay there he moved on. Critics like this would have further accused Jesus taking the donkey (for the triumphant entry) of stealing and if in their power, charge him for grand theft.

Jesus Began in a stable but He did not stay there, he moved on
But the question that then arises here also is why attack his “oldest” quotes? Which only have been humble learning from his colleagues he admired at the earliest stages of his ministry? When recent thousands of them have been released? Can they come forward and prove any and I quote “any” of his recent messages on LOVE, RECONCILIATION, and CONVERSION to be plagiarized work? A very ridiculously shameless attempt at discrediting God’s “anointed one” for this generation
TB Joshua himself has severally talked about how he spends time watching other ministers at a distance, how he observed and learned from their weaknesses and strengths – the above regard is perhaps inclusive of the areas he learned even at a distance being not privileged of having a mentor. But however they were sourced, of one thing we cannot dispute, that It is his practical demonstration of God’s power that has taught of the value of these “words” and the name Jesus. And just as a commenter on their site wisely asked, Aside from the quotes in question, are his MIRACLES, PROPHECIES and DELIVERANCE’S also plagiarized? we await their response.

TB Joshua – the Messiah, matters arising…

In response to our recent articles portraying TB Joshua as the last days messiah as was prophesied in scripture dozens of questions have poured in from our readers, some of which we deem worthy of response as we herewith present. A question was asked by one of our readers who goes by the name Ruth. She asked;  
 If a man is the messiah why should he heal and deliver in the name of another?
Answer Remember how Jesus went to be baptised  to fulfil all righteousness, not because it was necessary for him to. If you can recall, one of the earliest accusations against TB Joshua which estranged him from other ministers was that he doesn’t mention the name “Jesus” when performing his miracles, So if you’re willing to accept it, it’s all to help our faith – to ease our process of believing, he had to come down to the level of mortal men who need mediation. A lot of those who would believe his works would doubt his source if they didn’t hear the name “Jesus” on his lips, and he wouldn’t want those he came to save to slip into unhealthy doubt over something he can so easily do, though it’s not a requisite for him because the spirit of Jesus fully Indwells Him. The same happened to Jesus whose reign was amongst the Jews who regarded Moses as the messiah. Moses gave them the law and stipulated regulations to cure skin diseases like leprosy which they judiciously followed. Jesus who Himself is the healer and did not need to go through all that process to cleanse lepers had to do a little of what TB Joshua does today (by using the name “Jesus”) when he told a man full of leprosy he had already cleansed, to still do what Moses stipulated for lepers cleansing (which was unnecessary) and go show himself to the Priests as a testimony to them, so that perhaps with their testimony of healing by Him (Jesus) supposedly through Moses, he would be believed. (Luke 5:14).However there’s a prayer point used in SCOAN in which TB Joshua releases His name to be used in prayer with exceptional results following. Subsequent posts might address the implications thereof.

*writers impression* As Jesus reigned amongst the Jews who regarded Moses as the messiah, so Joshua reigns amongst us Christians who regard Jesus as the messiah
This question was posed by quite several people which in summary goes thus; 
Question two:
Jesus strictly warned us saying; many shall come in my name saying I am the Christ, and shall deceive many. Isn’t this a warning against people like TB Joshua?
Answer; don’t be deceived, the context of this warning includes an explicit statement from the lips of the imposters, not an implied supposition which leaves much room for debate. they shall come in my name saying; I am the Christ Jesus assured of the false Christs unreserved and blatant proclamation of themselves as the Christ, but which to this day none has record of TB Joshua explicitly saying, neither is there any prospect of him admitting such in future, a fact to which even his fervent critics on “TB Joshua watch” testified saying:
“If you’re waiting for a video of TB Joshua explicitly claiming to be the Messiah; it won’t happen”.
 So TB Joshua does not fit this criterion; they shall come in my name saying; I am the Christ”. The deception of the false Christ centres on the outspoken claim to be Jesus or an incarnation of the Great GOD Himself. These they did and would do forgetting that a true Messiah NEVER bears witness of Himself, but rather allows his works bear witness of Him, (if I bear witness of myself, my witness is not true…the very works that I do bear witness of me John 5:31, 36).
You can call ‘bearing witness of themselves’ one of the “prohibitions” for a true messiah, they always leave mortals speculating about their true spirit natureJesus was also very secretive about his messianic status on earth and made no open claim of it, but kept saying and doing things only possible for the messiah, this led people to begin speculating; “Some say you are John the Baptizer, others Elijah, and still others say that one of the prophets from long ago has come back to life.” luke 9:19.
 But the High Priests who knew that Jesus was implying being the Christ by his words (like “I came down from heaven”) and deeds (like “forgiving sins”), but got no explicit admittance from Him, had to charge him under oath by the living GOD to answer if he was the Christ, not that they might believe, but that they may hear it from his own lips and charge him for blasphemy. The high priest said to him, “I charge you under oath by the living God: Tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God (Matt 26:63) Yet he only replied “you yourself have said it.”
So forget about getting this confession of “who he really is” out of TB Joshua. It’s his best kept secret, little Wonder His latest message on the SCOAN official Blog is: “KEEP YOUR MYSTERY” because that is what he’s in fact doing. When many testifiers on Emmanuel tv are about to refer to him as the “messiah of our days”, he cuts in and prevents it. You don’t see any of it on emmanuel tv, the ministry’s official blogs and sites? (The best mediums to propagate these if he wanted it) All of which to this day still portray Jesus Christ as the messiah and not TB Joshua. If you would have us state it clearly. TB Joshua himself doesn’t want you to know any of what is written here Just as Jesus instructed His disciples to tell no man that he was the Christ till His mission was completed Matt 17:19. We do this as a way of letting you know who he really is, that you may value him the more, benefit from his Grace and honour him as He honours Christ before his departure.

*Messiah’s at Workwhen those who labour and are heavy laden come to the Messiah, they find rest for their souls, Jesus was one, TB Joshua is another – the Reigning one.
Regarding the nature of the second coming of Christ, some readers quoted this portion of scripture to support the theology of an open coming of the messiah seen and noticed around the world.
Question three 
Matt 24:27, for as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 28For wheresoever the carcass is, there will the eagles be gathered together.

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